Dear Miss Emily:

 I was dating a really wonderful man that gave me the fairytale dream. I fell head over heals for him and he for me. But he has one boy and I, 2 boys. His son and my youngest don't get alone too well. They are 9 and 10 but because his son doesn't like my son My loving man broke up with me to make his son happy. How can this be fixed, if it can be?

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

I hope you and he tried everything you could to help these two boys get along with each other before the drastic move of breaking up. But if not, it's not uncommon for a parent to put his or her child first, and I'm not sure there is much that can be done at this time. I would have suggested, prior to this happening, that you see each other as a couple, and not mix the kids together. That way, you keep the two families separate, yet you have an opportunity to carry on a relationship that is enjoyable to the both of you. I don't know why this wasn't tried, and maybe you can enlighten me as to why no one thought of this as a plan in order for you and him to stay together.  That said, it is not the best way to parent a child when you let him or her call the shots.