Dear Miss Emily:

There's this guy that I'm good friends with.  We don't go to the same school, but we play golf sometime and we chat on facebook or aim sometimes.  A few weeks ago, I asked him to my winter formal, just as friends, and he knew I just wanted to go because there was this dress I really wanted.  Still, he was really excited that I asked him and since then, he has basically messaged or texted me every day.  It would literally be I would go online and within seconds if he were online he would message me just for no reason.  This was over winter break, and he also ended up asking me to play golf with him quite a bit over break; we ended up golfing 4 times in under 2 weeks, even though it had been months since we had golfed before that.  The week before formal, he messaged me LITERALLY every single day, and he was always the one initiating it.Then the day of formal, he wanted to come over early to hang out before formal, which he did, and then he said that he wanted to come over every day to hit golf balls.  When we finally went to formal, we spent the whole time talking, and then we started to dance.  However, I was the one who asked him to slow dance but he said ya sure.  But even though I was the one who asked, we were dancing really close together and I could feel him holding me close from behind.  And for the fast dancing, we were also dancing pretty close together. When the last song came on it was Don't Stop Believin', and I was like "is this a slow song or a fast song?" He said, "I think it's a slow song" and then we started slow dancing again.  Then on the ride back for the first like 10 minutes he didn't really say anything except that he was really tired.  It was weird because we had talked the entire time, but then we started talking again. When we got back to my house, I asked if he wanted to come in and he said sure, then we took some pictures and then we hugged and he said he had a great time and left. The weird thing is, it has been a week since then and he hasn't messaged me at all.  I usually wouldn't think anything of it, except the fact that he went from every single day to not at all just after that one night.  I have messaged him a couple times, and he hasn't been unfriendly but he hasn't been his usual talkative self.  I asked him if he wanted to hang out and he was like "I can't this week, I have a lot to do. In fact, I should go do that right now."  A couple days ago, I messaged him again and asked him if he was ok and he just said "Ya I'm fine I'm just doing work right now." Then I said ok should I let u get back to that and he said "no it's fine, I'm just doing art lol."  So then we talked some, but he hasn't messaged me since.
I'm confused: does he like me or what is going on?  I thought he liked me up through formal, but this shift to not messaging me is throwing me off.  What do you think is going on in his head? Thanks.

-----------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

This is rather odd behavior after reading how, almost, obsessive he was prior to the winter formal. The movie Clueless comes to mind -- he's gay! But that probably not being the case, it's anyone's guess why the sudden turn-around. Do you find that you really like him as a possible boyfriend, or is it that your ego has been a bit deflated? I hope you don't take offense, because that would be human nature to feel a little bruised by someone who was so effusive at one point, and as excited as a flat tire, the next. I don't think you can know what happened unless you were to ask him. It's entirely possible it has nothing to do with you, but he has some personal issues.  One could be that he is fearful of following through -- getting too close to a girl. Teen boys are often hard to figure out because, unlike girls, they are less likely to wear their hearts on their sleeves. But I don't think you should take this as a personal affront, only because, at this point, it's an unknown. Please do write back to me if something else unfolds to solve this mystery!