Dear Miss Emily:

I recently started a course in high school on Mondays and there's this lovely girl that looks very down to earth. I want to say hi but I don't know how. I notice her looking over, and her and her mates are definitely looking and talking about me.  I'm afraid of rejection.  How should I do this? I can't seem to find a moment when she's on her own.  But I notice at lunch break we're always at least 3 table distance. Help!

---------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

Here's the skinny:  Few things drop in our laps, and when they do it's often something we don't want. The word rejection needs to be axed from the English language when it comes to this type on interaction. If someone isn't interested, it means it wasn't the right time, he or she has different tastes, or they have issues that prevent them from pursuing a relationship. Find a way to talk to her. Make it about a class project, or when you see her alone (at that one moment in time) walk next to her and start a conversation about the class you share. You can come up with something that will ignite a conversation. I know, you see all these other guys going out on a limb, and you wonder how they do it. It always takes a first time and knowing you won't soil yourself or die; it takes the self-confidence to realize that we humans are all in the same boat, and no one has anything over anyone else, unless someone thinks he does -- and he would be wrong. It's difficult for many people in your same circumstance, however, worrying about rejection is a state-of-mind, courage is state-of-being. Be anything you want to be and, right now, be that brave guy who goes after what he wants.