Dear Emily:

Okay, I have a boyfriend. We dated for 2 1/2 years, and then he broke up with me. We stayed friends and about a month and a half later, we got back together. So it's been almost a month now. Well, he talks to this one girl.. A LOT. Like, texting and stuff. And he says things to her like "What's up cutie?" and "When am I gonna get that pic? ;)" and "You look beautiful in any pic." What's with that? I feel like I constantly have to compete and I don't like it. He doesn't know that I know all this though. I'm just not sure of anything anymore. He's my first real, serious relationship, and I love him more than anything. But is it time to end us for good? I need help.

---------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------

You wouldn't be the first woman who has told me this story. It looks like a case where he has you as a constant in his life, with the idea that he can always keep his options open. A guy who is worth your time does not text another girl for pics and calls her "cutie" and other assorted compliments. No, in order for it to be legit, he'd have to be a serious photographer to make that statement, and a guy who just loves to sling the sweet talk because he's a gol-darn, down home, awe shucks kinda guy. It may mean little to him, this other "relationship" but I think it's a sign that you and he needed a longer break than one month to figure out what you truly want, and if it can honestly work out for the long haul. Right now, I have my doubts -- as you are!