Well, Emily basically, this lad has had feelings for me for about 3 years, but I never felt the same way.  And now that I do, he has a girlfriend.  But I still get the impression that he likes me.  So do I ignore my feelings or tell her how I feel?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------

If it's not a matter of your ego being bruised -- that he can't possibly like someone else other than you, no matter the fact that you really didn't care all that much for him -- tell him. Why?  Because you'll get an answer to this problem, you can go on with your life not always having to wonder, and he would have some satisfaction of knowing his love was not in vain. I feel for his girlfriend, and it's tempting to tell you don't say a thing for her sake, because you had your chance and missed it, but that still doesn't solve your problem. Tell him, but do it in a way that is not forceful but matter-of-fact. It could be that once you had him, you wouldn't find it all that great -- but that's life!