Dear Miss Emily:

I am 20 years old, and I have been really confused the past couple of days. I have a boyfriend whom I really care about and have been with for almost two years. Recently, a crush from my high school years began getting in contact with me through a networking site. I had a crush on him for over two years with nothing ever happening because I never knew what he felt about me. He recently told me that he liked me during that time but did not know how to tell me. I'm so confused because after he said that I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach. It does not help that he has been texting me almost every day since then. With my boyfriend, I feel comfortable, safe, and secure. But with this new guy, I feel butterflies I never before with anyone. Are they old feeling coming back? I don't know what to do. I keep thinking about him and even had dreams with him. I really care about my boyfriend but what is it with this guy? I do not know what his intentions are or even if he is serious? Please help!

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

I think when feelings like this arise at your age, it's almost impossible to ignore them because you are young, there's so many opportunities out there, and settling down with one person is often based on what you said, "Comfortable, safe, and secure." Now these are great feelings to have, no doubt about it, and if you marry someday, you'll want to feel that way, as well. But you'll probably have a better idea, then, of what you want from life, had a little more experience under your belt and, more than likely, a plan for a family. You cannot let this go on too much longer without feeling tremendous guilt. I would meet him for coffee, hash out some of the past, and see if this is more fantasy than reality. What you are feeling could be a symptom of wanting more than what you have in you present relationship, and this guy only brings it to light. Even if this is dipping back into the past because of what you consider unfinished business, or flight of fancy -- you need to find out. Once you have, either forget it (because it turned out to be a bust), or let your boyfriend know as quickly as possible that you are interested in someone else. It would be wrong to string him along. He doesn't deserve it, and it is no crime to have feelings change, as long as you are mature about how you handle them and let honesty be your guide. I hope I helped.