Hey Emily, I'm so lost I need help on making my boyfriend happy again. I tried everything, but it didn't work 'cause he won't open up to me. What do you think I should do?

-----------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

There's not a lot you can do, because you can't make someone happy who is not willing to work at it. Support him all you can, emotionally, but don't let this be at the expense of losing your sense of self-worth. To sacrifice to this degree would be wrong and a lesson in futility. He needs to find the solutions on his own, and if it's because he no longer wants to be with you, he needs to be upfront about it. Only you can decide how much time you want to devote to this relationship, but don't blame yourself if he can't open up. He may have some deep-seated problems he can't even deal with, let alone share them with you. In time, you'll know if you've had enough.