Dear Miss Emily:

I have been dating my boyfriend for three months now and I already feel that I am wasting my time. I am very open to giving people second, third, sixth chances but I can only do so much. I am a very confident person and I feel complete on my own without a man so I do not need a lot of compliments -- but he has given me a total of three since we have been together and that was when we first started dating. He is not a big talker/texter and he answers in one to three word answers. I am the alpha in the relationship and it just does not seem like he is trying. He does not have much money so I do not ask for anything or ask to do things that cost money.  I feel that I try so hard to be kind and understanding to his situation but, in return, he shows me Facebook pictures of all his female friends including his ex-girlfriend who he tells me about in a very personal way ( I have confronted him about it and he replied, "I guess I just wasn't thinking when I told you about her.") He is not physically attractive in the least (in my opnion) but we do have a good physical relationship. So, am I wasting my time or should I just give it more time? Your advice is much appreciated thank you for your time.

------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

Males, in general, are not gabby by nature (unless they are gay, or with their buddies talking about sports) nor avid texters (is there such a word?) but, from what you have said, you two aren't suited for each other except when you are intimate and, then, there seems to be a meeting of the minds (and bodies). And if that were enough, I'd tell you to cool your jets and give the guy a chance to learn to communicate but, your impatience is a sign of incompatibility and hopelessness. His poor financial situation may put him on the defensive, as well. Not that you make him feel that way, but it may be an internal struggle. He seems to lack a sensitivity chip, and that shows signs of being self-centered. Perhaps a parent made him think the sun rises and sets on his butt. But whatever the reason, it's a balancing act -- a relationship -- and when it tips too far in the wrong direction, it's time to cut your losses and set yourself free.