Dear Miss Emily:

Okay, so me and my boyfriend have just started going out the 21st, and we like each other a lot and i trust him and hopefully he trusts me -- but he lives a hour away and my parents are really strict so i hardly see him. Also he goes to clubs with his brother and friends, he always asks me to come but i can't, so he still goes. And all my friends tell me that he might be cheating on me and i know it's a matter if i trust him or not, but i have no clue what to think.  Its been so frustrating because i know he would tell me if he did something, but sometimes i wonder -- he lives a hour away and you never know. So what should i do? Should i be worried? Should i talk to him?

---------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

Your situation is difficult because of the distance and restrictions your parents place on this relationship, but I see no reason to not trust him. Socializing with his friends is normal, and his invitation for you to come along shows he wants you to be part of it. Avoid getting into the trap of feeling jealous/insecure. It will ruin the relationship, especially if your fears are baseless.