Dear Miss Emily:

This girl used to talk to me years ago, however she is much shyer now and hardly talks to me at all (although, she talks to my parents like she's known them her whole life). She only says a few words like good night, or yeah. Take last Saturday, for example: I tried to say something, such as "what book is that/" to try to get an answer from her. Instead, her Mom answered for her. Another incident that night was when she told her brother something that she could have told the both of us. I chimed in saying that I told him that already. All she did was look left and right, almost with shifty eyes. The most I could get from her was a smile from her before she got off the couch and a bye as she was leaving. Before we said bye, I said out loud "This is great weather." She had her arms crossed and she responded by groaning. I guess I shouldn't have said that. For some reason, I don't think she likes me in any way shape or form.

--------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

I don't think she acts this way because she doesn't like you. Some people are painfully shy around people they really like. And that's so sad, because often it's a defense mechanism that comes off in a way that's totally opposite of what they want to convey. Her mother answering for her is an indication that she does have a problem in this area. But no, it's not that she doesn't like you in any way shape or form -- quite the contrary, I think.