D ear Miss Emily,

I am female, and I am bisexual, and I have accepted this fact.  I generally have been in more relationships with men than with women, but after my last relationship (with a man) ended, I decided that I needed to see a woman instead.  I was tired of dealing with men.  I had a few dates with a few different girls, but none of them panned out.  Then, I met this new boy, and we fell madly in love. We're both 21, but we've been talking seriously about marriage as soon as we finish our university.  I haven't looked twice at another boy since we started dating.  However, I recently discovered that one of my female friends is bisexual, and now I'm starting to develop feelings for her.  She's perfect!  I still love my boyfriend, though, and I don't know what to do!  I feel like if I stay with my  boyfriend, I'm not being true to myself and I'm just taking the coward's way out by giving in to the hetero-norm of today's society! On the other hand, I can't see breaking up with my boyfriend.  I really do love him... I just also feel really strongly for the girl next door.  Does my bisexuality mean I'll never be happy in a monogamous relationship?  What should I do?

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

No I don't think that your bisexuality means you will never be happy in a monogamous relationship. The formula to making a committed relationship -- and marriage work, as you know, are pretty much universal no matter what your sexuality. But I have the strong feeling you aren't ready for the kind of commitment that you and your boyfriend are talking about because, obviously, you haven't matured in this area. And what I mean by that is you've got a lot more living to do before you can settle down to any one person.