Dear Miss Emily:

I've been friends with a guy for 3 years. The friendship has turned into an emotional affair. Ee text and talk every day, he is always telling me he loves me. The prob. is that he has a girlfriend.  I told him I didn't want to see him anymore because our "friendship" was more than friends and was affecting his relationship with his girlfriend.  He got emotional (cried) and said he understood but, a week later, he was calling and texting insisting we were just best friends and I hurt him by "Breaking up" (odd choice of words) with him.  I need to end this, it isn't healthy for either of us and his "we're just friends" excuse is BS., because he's admitted he's attracted to me and he loves me so the "just friends" doesn't hold up.  How can I end this?

-----------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

You can end it by maintaining a firm position. Do not give in to his need to carry on this "friendship" for whatever his reasons to do so. He seems to feel an emotional void, but your role in this is not to placate him because he has problems maintaining his duplicity.  His behavior is unflattering and, as I like to say, does not speak well of him. I admire your courage. There are a lot of women who would allow this to continue in hopes that the guy will come around if they only stay in the game. You can't be friends with him under these conditions, and he's going to have to accept it. His tears should be cried in front of his girlfriend while he is apologizing to her for being deceptive -- not to you because you have chosen to do the right thing.