Dear Miss Emily:

0kay, well my ex boyfriend of 8 months moved to my school.. When he moved here he hasn't really worried about getting back with me -- but lately he has. He texted me the other day saying that we should talk for a couple days and get back together. But he hasn't texted me all weekend, and I asked him about it and he said that I'm the one that needs to text him first. And then he was talking sexual and said that I would do stuff with him and I said I wouldn't -- so he bet me that I would. Then he says he'd work of that tonight. I don't know if he's just trying to use me for sex, or if he wants me to chase him to have a relationship, or what?. Should I text him first, and chase him?

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

Absolutely not! Why would you chase an ex who is now thinking of you as a second-class citizen, put on this earth to please him? Teenage boys are something else, aren't they? I'm going to chalk up some of his bad behavior to testosterone poisoning (a little joke among us ladies!), the hormone that has guys thinking with their private part rather than their head. If he were worth your time and effort, sex talk would not be on the table for discussion right now.  What nerve!  Let him know you find his approach amusing, but nothing more. Females should stick together on issues like this one. If we don't, males get away with the most outrageous behavior.