Dear Miss Emily:

Okay, this guy and I have been on and off again for the past year. We're in love with each other, but I always manage to get hurt by him.. I hate drinking cause of my family issues and besides him getting drunk, he's also made fun of my parents while they were drunk this past summer. Then a few days later, he kissed my best friend. At this point,our feelings were very strong and, once he did this, I was shattered. He continuously apologized and I caved and forgave him. We dated a month and a half before I ended it for not being ready and the stress it caused. We are now taking things very slow. Last Thursday, he  planned to spend time with me on Friday. and I told him I may leave early after school -- but if I didn't, I wanted to hang out with him. I later got to the school to find him with another girl. He hugs me, then chases after the girl after she leaves. He tells me he'll be back, but an hour passes and I see nothing of him. Later he texts his, and my friend, saying more than once he went off with another girl. It's now Saturday and it continues to bother me how he would just leave me to hang with another girl. I don't do that to him and if I ever spend time with guys it's a group thing --  I'm not alone with just one guy. I need advice on what I should do.  Hes already apologized and we've spoken about it, but I feel it just wasn't right of him to do. I know that if I bring it up to him, again, it will start yet another fight and give me more stress that I don't need. No matter how I try to convince him, he won't understand how much that hurt me. What do i do? Please help me.  I really need advice.

--------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

You seem pretty sharp. It's funny, however, how that gets lost when it comes to matters of the heart. Drinking is a huge problem, as you know, because you have had firsthand experience with it in your family. That alone, is reason to break it off with him. And there is no excuse (although alcohol is a contributing factor) for his rude, disrespectful behavior toward you and your family. The final straw is what you told me about running after this girl, and leaving you in the dust. Who does that other than a complete jerk who wouldn't recognize a good thing if it bit him in the butt?  No, you have been all too forgiving, and at your expense. You have enough on your plate with family issues and do not need to take on the role of an enabler to a teenage "bad boy." Let him know you're not a fool, and that his words of contrition fall on deaf ears. You deserve better (you are a quality person), but I can't tell you that -- you have to believe it to make a change. I hope, for your sake, you will.