Dear Miss Emily:

Okay, so this is high school. I met this guy and me and him have been flirting for at least a month if not more but he had a gf at the time so I toned it down. Well, one day, he gave me his number and asked me to give him a call. Apparently from my girl sources, he and his gf fight a lot and are on and off again  -- but they broke up. I waited two days before calling and we talked for like 6 hours, staying up until like 3:00 in the morning. He was really interested in me and we went on a date and then he asked me out. We went on two more dates over the weekend, then school was hell. All of his ex gf's, friends were looking at us, and it was awkward. They had gone out for almost a year. I mean, I feel kind of bad but I like this guy. His ex has called him crying and everything, and he told her he's moved on. I feel kind of like he would leave me for her, or something, because he feels bad about her crying.  He says it makes him upset. I feel like I've taken a risk by dating him and it's kind of blowing up in my face. We've been doing some slight sexual things too, and he told me suddenly that we were moving too fast. I'm feeling very nervous and having anxiety over what's exactly going on. I feel like I got him, but will I be able to keep him? Any suggestions?

--------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

It's not as if you calculated getting this guy by going behind this girl's back. After all, he asked you out! Yes, he may be a soft touch because this girl's heart appears broken, and that would be cause for concern if he entertains the idea of going back with her  -- but that's too soon to tell. He's right when he says you are moving too fast, sexually, and you should appreciate his candor. Take it a day at a time, but don't feel guilty about this other girl. And as far as the looks from his ex girlfriend's friends -- oh, please! What -- like you are some predator who stole this innocent boy from the clutches of their friend? Where's his responsibility in this? Okay, I understand allegiance, to a degree, but if they were rational, they'd know you have every right to date him. The sooner you realize how people operate (what motivates them to behave the way they do), and how not  to let it affect you, the better off you will be. Be cool, be calm, and show this guy you are a great catch by being self-assured and independent. Most guys love a challenge.