Dear Miss Emily:

Well, I really like this guy.  He and I have been talking, but haven't taken the step to getting together -- but, yet, we already had sex. The good thing is he still wants to be with me -- kick it with me, but that's it!. Like he doesn't want to be in a relationship. He wants me to be there as a girl friend image, but still have the freedom as a single guy. What should I truly do about this? I really have feelings for him. I want him to b mine. Maybe if we hang out more with out being physical, do u think he will want to be with me?

------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

I think when you continue to have sex with someone, you pretty much need to know the terms of the relationship. At the onset, lust can take over and, then, the dust settles -- like it has in your case. He doesn't want you to be his girlfriend. The only way you're really going to know if he'd ever consider more than friendship, is for you to withdrawal the sex.  If you don't, he'd be using you for his own selfish gain, and you'd be allowing it. And that would make you look less than an equal. Not a good place to be.