Dear Miss Emily:

I like a girl and I asked her out like 3 weeks ago but she been busy doing her studying and she said we talk about it......I saw her, today, but she was busy going to see her girlfriend's.  When we were walking together, she puts her hand on my shoulder as she was leaving.  I told her we need to talk (about me and her going out) and she laughs and said, all right, okay.

-------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

I understand she's busy, but she doesn't seem terribly eager to go out with you, or she would have said, "I'm really busy studying, now, but let's definitely plan something soon?!"  I wouldn't push it. Let her come to you if she's interested, and you won't set yourself up to look obnoxious by continuing to pursue it. Again, I think if she really wanted to go out with you, she would have offered a firm commitment rather than a "we can talk about it."  After all, this isn't a G-20 summit.

what do you think that means??
does she like me??