Well, my boyfriend and I were doing well, but then I moved and we don't see each other anymore. One day I got high and I cheated on him 2 times, and the second time, I wasn't high cuz I really like this new guy. He likes me too, and I've been  thinking . . . should I stay with my bf or go with the new guy? plz help!!!!!

-----------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------

Cut the boyfriend loose. Start seeing the new guy, and if you're going to get high, and sexual activity escalates, use protection or you might find this problem of yours is child's play next to what could happen!!! Explain to your boyfriend that it's simply not possible to carry on a relationship when you have moved away, and don't ever see each other.  It's realistic, and it frees both of you to go on with your lives without guilt or disappointment.