Dear Miss Emily:

I'm 15.  There's this girl I like a lot, and I'm just not sure about.  She and I went to homecoming together, and we had a great time. Dinner went excellent, and she was having a blast the rest of the night.  She even downloaded a song they played because it was our first dance together.  My problem is she's shy.  She never approaches me to talk, and I have a hard time talking to her because it is so awkward.  Tonight another guy was flirting with her, which I naturally didn't like.  I'm just not sure what to do about the whole thing.

----------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

Ask anyone about his/her shyness, and that person would say, "I hate it!"  It's pretty common in young people, because many are unsure about themselves, what they say, and how they will be perceived by others. Sadly, it becomes even more complicated because they know it's troubling to the people who have to endure it. But I think you should try to get to know her better, by dating. You have an interest in her, and maybe it will take time to bring her out of her shell. Other guys will flirt, but it should be of no consequence to you, unless she suddenly becomes this extrovert who flirts back like a bar-room floozy!  If, after giving it your best effort, her shyness does not improve and you feel you'd have a better conversation with a brick wall, you can move on knowing you gave it your all.