Dear Miss Emily:

Okay, so there's this boy and we used to talk all the time, and we were even going to date. We texted a lot and I think I overdid the texting. He might've got annoyed. We stopped talking after all this. This happened almost a year ago. I went to his school's homecoming dance with one of my guy friends. He was talking to me at the after party and being a complete sweetheart.  It was like nothing ever happened. So I texted him last night just to talk, and I told him how sorry I was for being annoying with texting. I explained to him that I had been going through a lot at the time and I finally felt like I was getting close to someone. He accepted my apology and he was being nice to me. What I really wanted to know is if I should ask him to my semi-formal dance and how I should do that if you believe it's okay to do that.  I also wanted to know how I should ask for a second chance?!  Please help me!

------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

Yep, you finally realized that incessant text messages can be annoying to guys.  If you want to text to that degree, find a gay guy -- like the guy in the movie Clueless. But I think it would be a great idea if you were to ask him to your semi-formal dance. I'd hold off on a text about this for as long as you can, because you don't want to appear too eager. Don't ask him to give you a second chance. It makes it seem as if he's somehow superior, and you would be ever-so-lucky to have him bestow it upon you. That's totally unnecessary, and demeaning -- although humble in its nature.  After you've made the dance invite and, if he accepts, you'll know if he wants to continue the relationship without having to ask him. If he declines the invite, well, you can't take it personally. As I tell all my advice seekers in this position, it could be that it isn't the right time, or the right guy for something to happen. -- or an unknown reason you can't know, but does not relate to you.  As well, he goes to a different school, has different friends, and there may be another girl he's interested in.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained!  I admire your courage to pursue what you want, and go that extra mile to get it.  Good show!