Dear Miss Emily:

I'm 20 years old.  My boyfriend is also 20 years old. Over the past few days he's been showering me with "I want a baby." I'm sick and tired of him telling me that. over-and-over again, and I tell him I'm not ready. We're too young and we haven't even lived our lives yet. Im just soo confused right now. Any advice??

-----------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

I can't give you better advice than you have already exhibited in your ability to say "NO!"  There isn't any easy way around this -- you can't soft-soap it, and it's pretty black-and- white. If he can't take no for an answer, he's chasing his tail. But don't you give in!  It's your life to live it as you see fit. Let no man turn you around to his way of thinking if you have to be dragged into making that decision against your will. And make sure the birth control method is in your hands. I would hate to see a condom poked with holes as his way of getting what he wants. Yuck!