Dear Miss Emily: 

Ok. I am the only virgin in my group of friends, so one night I got drunk and started doing things with this guy .He is good looking and everything but he's a womanizer. He only wants sex, but I really wanted to just do it. So We Did It! Now it's totally weird between us.and, plus, I have really strong feelings for him. what do I do?

---------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

I hate when this happens!  This is how girls get pregnant or an STD if not careful -- but you can't put petals back on a flower that lost them.  I'm going to assume you used protection, right? It's awkward, but you're not the first to do this out of a need to catch up to your peers. I would approach him and say, "You know, I regret the other night, because it's something I wouldn't ordinarily do."  Tell him, you blame yourself, not him, and apologize. Okay, you're saying, "Why apologize? He was the one who initiated it?"  But you see, that puts you in a responsibility mode, and tells him this is not what you usually do nor is it making him look like he was in complete charge, or you see him as just a player.  If he still acts a little weird, then lesson learned. There are some people who have sex no matter what (I'm not passing judgment), and it might have meant little to him. Because of the intimate nature of what happened, and it being your first time with this stud, I'm sure you are having feelings for him. But you know as well as I, that there's a lot more to a relationship, and if he's not interested, there's not much you can do. But your statement to him (as stated above) puts you on record that you are not just someone who sleeps around, and you're not available for just sex -- unless, of course, that's what you want?!