Dear Miss Emily:

Am I overreacting? This guy and I have been friends for a few
years -- not close friends, though. Then last year something came up
and I had to move far away, for personal reasons. We still have kept
in touch. He works 2 jobs, so right now he is working at least 16
hours a days. I haven't heard from him in a few weeks. The only time
I did was when I sent a text, and he sent one back. Am I over-thinking
this, or is he losing interest? Should I send another text or just
leave him alone? I have been just as bad and have only sent the one
message to him. He has mentioned before that he'll be working long days
and no girls can handle that. This is why he is alone, and it is
always nice to hear from people during long days.
Need to know next move

-----------------------Miss Emily's Advice-------------------

Dear Need to Know:

You say, although you have known each other for years, you
are not that close? Now you seem to be expecting some kind of
loyalty that you never really had with him. Knowing your age would
help, because it would tell me if you are capable, or not, of
seeing him in person. But because you live far away, and he works
long hours, it's unlikely that you could take this to the next
level. Still, go ahead and text him. He seems not to mind. I'm
thinking that if you have somehow put out the vibe that you like
him, and he hasn't made a strong effort to keep in touch, he's
not interested in you, romantically. Long hours or not, he'd find
a way to keep in touch if he were. Are you overreating? Yes. There
was no commitment or promises made. Is he losing interest in what you
had -- a friendship? I don't think so. He's a busy guy.
Keep it loose, and maybe someday he'll come around to your
way of thinking. But don't hold your breath.