Dear Miss Emily:

Well, I've been with this girl for 3 months now and she cheated on her last boyfriend with me. I never get to see her cause her parents won't let me, so I see her every so often. She's two years younger than I am, so I don't go to school with her and I don't know if I can trust her cause she cheated on her last boyfriend and she kinda lies a lot.  So should I break up with her or what?

-----------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------

I don't think you can assume she's cheating on you because she did in the past.  It's a trust issue, obviously, but you have no concrete evidence. The fact that she lies to you is a reason for sending her packing, however -- not to mention the fact that her parents won't let you see her because she's two years younger.  It might be best for you to seek greener pasture with someone at your own school so you don't have to sneak around. There are too many good prospects out there to pursue something that really isn't working well for you. I know that some teenagers can lie like rugs, and it seems that even when they get caught they don't let it bother them -- of course, adults lie, too, and it's even more egregious (look it up).  I hate lying, no matter how you slice it.  It's coercive. I'd tell her it isn't acceptable, it shows no respect, and maybe you need to cool it for a while.  Maybe you can revisit this relationship when she graduates to high school.