Dear Miss Emily:

Me and my boyfriend recently fell out and I've just messed about with one of my mates, I know it was wrong.... Do I need to break up with my boyfriend, or can I go on without telling him?

-------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------

I think if you tell your boyfriend, a decision about breaking up may be out of your hands. That said, there must have been a reason for what you did -- a strong attraction to your mate, or just a wild sexual experience with the rationalization that . . .said, angrily, "Well, to hell with (boyfriend's name here). I can't think of a better reason to cheat on that bastard!"  Either way, it tells me that maybe you're not ready to be in any type of committed relationship. If you don't tell him, he could find out anyway. You know how some people can't keep a secret, especially when they know it could do some damage. I think the decision comes down to figuring out why you did it, if it's going to be a pattern and, if it is, cut your guy loose so he can be with someone who wants a solid relationship and not someone who is just dicking around.