Dear Miss Emily:

Me and my boyfriend have been together a little over 5 years now and we are both 18. He's a great guy.  I was his first girlfriend and he still loves me the way he did when we started dating. Now the problem is, I always talk about moving out soon and maybe getting engaged but he never wants to talk about it or it makes him uncomfortable when we do. I just wanted to know why does he hate hearing about these things so much? Does this mean he will never want to commit?

------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------

  I think he feels 18 is too young to get engaged, and I wouldn't be surprised if his family isn't behind him wanting to avoid this type of conversation. I'm not denying that you two have something special. I have known a couple of  marriages that started out as "been together since teenagers," and they have turned out to be some of the most enduring relationships I have seen.  But there is also the "it's too young to think this will last forever" thought dangling in the back of my mind, perhaps his mind, and it has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with being realistic, and waiting until you experience more from life with, or without each other. If this love of yours is as true as you believe it to be, it will last whether there's an engagement ring on your finger, or not.