Dear Miss Emily:

I  recently met this guy about a month ago when he moved to my school. He's so sweet to me and he's super nice. One of my friends dated him before and said hes nothing but a player, i don't know what to believe! We text each other all the time and he just recently invited me over to his house to hang out. I went and we were talking most of the time and he leaned in and kissed me and then awhile later kissed me a lot. Right before I left I asked him if we were dating and he said no. He wants to hang out with me again next week. Whats your opinion? Does he seem interested or is he just playing with my head?

-----------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

Glad you asked!  if you know anything about nature and how we humans are programed by it, it's easy to see how guys sometimes act like wolves on the prowl.  Some guys have a better way of handling their urges, and some aren't so good at it.  The best guys actually have the girl's interest at heart, as well as their own raging hormones.  I think this guy may very well be sweet, but he moved pretty fast, and I'd be careful (and you were warned).  If he's not interested in dating, then tell him you're not really interested in being his make-out sidekick. You have every right in the world to protect your interests.  If he's not okay with that, he isn't worth your time.  The fact that you e-mailed me to get my opinion, tells me you're a quality person and don't need to compromise who you are, at any time, anywhere, for anyone.