Hello Emily:

 I dated someone for a year and a 1/2 we were soo in love, blah blah.  We did fight and break up a lot tho. I always told him we loved like crazy but we fought like crazy. To make a long story short, we broke up cus of so much drama went down one night, and 3 days later he's talking to his best friend's roommate. I'm dating too, but wasn't as serious with anyone like he was with this new girl. He and I work together, so I see him every day. We've been broken up for a month now, and I still haven't cried over him. Don't get me wrong, the fact he has a new girlfriend drives me insane but I feel like he needs to date her. I was way too much for him to handle. I text him every now and then -- work related, etc.,. but he never answers my texts. At work we either fight and scream and yell for "the bad break up" or we laugh and get along and reminisce. Is he still crazy in love with me? Hell no. Does he still care for me, yes! I want to be best friends with him again one day, but I need time, as does he. We still care for each other deeply, but saying it just rubs in my face that were not together, so I try to bite my tongue. I tell him all the time how happy I am for him and his girlfriend, and let me tell you, I genuinely think its pissing him off. The other day he calls me, of all people, to get his car out of the shop. He could have called his girlfriend, his mom, sister, best friend. Why me? As much as it seems like I've got my shit together, I still need advice. Help

--------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

Maybe it's just too soon for you and him to have the kind of relationship that works. It seems like a lofty goal to think you can be his best friend if there's ever another girl in the picture.  It happens, but so do asteroids hitting earth. Don't lose sight of what got you into this situation. You two didn't get along in many ways, whether you both exhibit stubborn behavior,  a competitive nature in each personality, or real down-to-earth differences that you had that can never be fixed. I think if you calm down, let this take a natural course of action, without wanting something that may not be attainable, or even good for you, the dust will settle and you may decide that there's a big world for you to explore -- that frisky, fun, wild-and-crazy you, without feeling guilty about it, or feel you have to go after something that is ego driven, but not right at this time in your life.