Dear Ms Emily:

I'm a sophomore, he's a senior. It's odd, but last year, as we made  eye contact in the halls, I took interest in him. It started to happen more often. He's now in one of my classes, yet we've never spoken more than a word or two to each other. He flirts with A LOT of girls-it's hard to tell whether he's taken or not because he would hug and hold hands with one.  But I still continue to catch his glances few times day. What does this mean? Is it accidental (last year, a guy misinterpreted my eye contact to be something more, but I wasn't slightly interested in him). Besides that, how do I talk to him? It's impossible to even move in my class (assigned seats) However, he sits a group behind me, and would pop a few jokes because our class is TOO quiet. I would have an urge to reply "humorously" but I don't want to risk being embarrassed in front of him and I'm scared that someone would make crude comment (very sensitive). Of course, everyone would hear. Any suggestions?

---------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

It's a tough call.  But I believe communication is everything.  I once had a guy tell me he had a crush on me the year before, when I was a sophomore, and I didn't even remember laying eyes on him. This is an age where girls and boys look at each other, but many would rather have all their teeth pulled than get the courage to make a move. Later on, the glances continue in bars or clubs but, after a couple of drinks, people get the nerve to act on that glance, no matter what the outcome. The next time you catch him looking at you, smile at him. No harm in that.  All you've done is acknowledge his glance. Now, anything other than that takes courage, because the big deal from here on out is the fear of rejection, right? But things don't happen unless someone makes a move. Guys are attracted to girls who show self-confidence. Make your joke after his or, at least stop feeling self-conscious. He's only human, and so are the other people around you. There's nothing to fear but fear itself. Find a way to strike up a conversation (maybe about a class assignment) and see where it takes you. If he doesn't seem interested, you can move on knowing you gained a certain skill by becoming more familiar with the laws of the jungle.