Dear Miss Emily:

We met online, dated about a month , everything was great. He broke it off online with no reason. Started up again, emails. Several months later started seeing each other. He is very close to divorcing cheating wife. Problem? Will not talk on phone. In the beginning, called all the time. If I contact him he does not respond -- only if we are getting together. Has lots of issues and drama, for instance, kids, 3 girls. They hate him, two are in college. Doesn't seem to have any friends. Things were really getting good and, then, once again, because I email him, he says "too much." Hadn't heard from him in a week -- final divorce was suppose to be granted. He broke it off, again.

--------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

His baggage, if you even had the chance to unpack it, would probably take up a good portion of your natural life. Trust me, you'd rather have the swine flu on an annual basis.  Nothing you said in your e-mail gives me any sign that this would have ever worked out in your favor. He may be in emotional  turmoil (that's some excuse), but if I were a betting person, it was his own making. There are too many other possibilities out there for you to want to be with a man who's newly divorced; probably has a deep-seated dislike for women, as a result (or always has); and has children who are, more than likely, justified in their dislike for him. Take the hint.