Dear Miss Emily: 

I know this is probably a simple question, but if someone says
they love you and leaves to pursue other things, because they
are a lot younger and haven't sowed their wild oats, is that
love? Thanks!
Just Wondering

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

Dear Just Wondering:

Questions like this are never simple.  Some  people are capable of finding one love and that is enough for them. I was always impressed with couples who
dated in high school, eventually married and live happily-ever-after.  In these rare relationships, I have observed true, lasting friendship -- the key to a successful, long-term commitment or marriage. 
This guy was honest with you. He is much younger and is not ready to settle down with anyone.  Sure he loves you, but it's not compelling enough to anchor his ship when the wind is tugging at his sails.   Lousy metaphor, but you get what I mean.  I was never a firm believer in fated love.  It's a big world   --   so many men and women out there, looking for  love and  ready to jump  in, and out of it at a moment's notice. 
The "harmonic conversion" comes when you find someone who is ready emotionally, financially and, most importantly, mature enough to explore the possibility of a deeper and everlasting love.