Dear Miss Emily:

About a year ago, I re-connected with this guy I graduated high school with via the Internet. We were friends, but we drifted apart as our social groups did. He was deployed in the military during this time. For the rest of his deployment, we talked online all the time, and hit it off. When he came home, we decided to meet up. When we first met up, he started moving in on me really fast.  I got scared. He asked me to be his girlfriend while I was looking to be friends first. I liked him too. We started hooking up for what continued for about 8 months. His base is in another state from me. This past weekend, I was going to go visit him, but I couldn't. Recently, he told me that he found someone. While I appreciate that he told me, but I am really hurt. He says he told me because he didn't want to use me. He actually told me a day that I would have been visiting him. That made me glad, but also sad I didn't visit him. I don't know if he is dating this girl, nor is it any of my business.  I don't want him out of my life. I care about him deeply. What do I do?

--------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

He did move too fast, and you got swept up in it. Maybe this is the type of guy he is, or the military experience (being with men 24/7) has made him want a woman a little closer to where he's stationed.  Who can say?  It's good he was honest with you,  but I think you feel betrayed, nevertheless.  After all, it was he who wanted to move like wildfire and, now, he's left you with second-degree burns. I would wait a while before contacting him, and I'd  do it on the Internet.  Make it friendly, newsy, and let him know you just wanted to catch up.  I can't say if he'll keep in touch because (as I am sure you are well aware) when a new woman is in the picture, losing the connection is pretty common.  But you don't know for sure and, because you still have feelings for him, it's probably worth it to attempt to maintain an ongoing correspondence.