Dear Miss Emily:

I recently have been living with my mom and working! We split the bills and it seems like all I do is work and sit at home. However, I do have my boyfriend, and he comes over.  For the most part, we interact with my mother but there are times we just want to be alone. When this happens, my mother seems to get irritated -- even mad at times! She says she is just tired of always being alone, and feels like we take advantage of her.  How do I make her see that when we want alone time time, it has nothing to do with her?  It's about me and him spending a little time together.

---------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------

You are under no obligation to your mother to entertain her, but you need to respect the fact that it's her home, as well, and she should feel comfortable to come and go as she pleases. That said, she probably needs a life outside the home and it would be her responsibility to make that happen. I don't think she would understand any pitch to have private time for the very fact that she has said she gets lonely.  Again, it's her home, she pays half the rent, and she sees it from that point-of-view -- her built-in company (you and your boyfriend), and feeling alienated if you go off to have private time together.  No, I see the answer is finding your own place, eventually.  Even a studio apartment would be better if privacy is your current quest.  Until that happens (and it should for your own independence -- and your mother's), find outside places to be alone with your boyfriend.  No easy answer but, until you can get your own place, your mother will probably hold her ground, and you will end up caving in to her demands. You have a life -- don't be afraid to live it on your terms (free of guilt), if your financial situation improves and you can live on your own.