Dear Miss Emily: I recently sent a text 2 a friend (guy) after we had been together 3x sexually. I'm very attracted 2 him and like him but, n bed, just not working. I sent him a text letting him know just that-- just not workin 4 me, and that I'm not getting what i need/want what turns me on. He did not respond but, later, I felt bad as to what I said. It sounded mean, and l said I was sorry that it wasn't him-- it was all me, but it would be better if he didn't come by 2 see me at work-- his profession causes him 2 come 2 my workplace 1-2x a week. Well,l he won't even look at me. I sense a good amount of anger in his body language. Now I just feel horrible and wish I wouldn't have been so blunt. I'm not a mean person. I'm not sure if I should say or do anything more. Please advise. ----------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------- In a way, I find your honesty refreshing. But a more tactful approach would have been, if you thought the relationship was great in all other respects, "We need to talk" and, then, suggest you work on this as a joint effort. But you didn't, and you can't un-ring the bell. His ego has taken a hit, and he'll need time to recover, if he ever does. Think of it this way: You may have lost him as a friend, but now you have alerted him to the possibility that he is an inadequate lover and, hopefully, he'll work on honing the skills he needs to assure a more successful future in this area. In time, he might consider you his savior.