Dear Miss Emily:

How do I tell my husband that my mother has been giving me $30
each fortnight? I have to show my bank statements to the
government so he can get a pension.
Up a Creek

----------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

Dear Up:

You don't say if you are spending this money or saving it for a
rainy day. That is why it is important for advice seekers to
fill me in on the details; without being too wordy in the
explanation. Now, what to do. Tell him you're sorry, but you were,
obviously, unaware of the repurcussions. If it's money you haven't
touched, say that you were doing this to surprise him with something
splendid after his retirement. If you have been spending this small
stipend, tell him that you bought the little extras that you
did not want to take from your mutual spending pot. These
explanations sound perfectly reasonable. If he gets verbally angry,
don't feed on it. Keep your mouth shut, stay humble, but remind
him that what's done is done and you meant no harm. The outcome will
probably not make a profound difference in his pension. In the future,
if it's possible, get this money in cash and, therefore,
nothing would be recorded. This is better than telling your
mother thanks, but no thanks. Here is The States, people use clever
ways to hide money; especially if they are very rich! You Aussies must
be an honest lot.