Dear Miss Emily: My girlfriend called me an a**hole because I won't move in with her right away. I want to live with her, but I need to tell my parents when I want to move and then give them the money they paid for school, already, and they don't want me to move out. But I want to, and I don't know how to get her to understand that I can't just leave like she was able to. ----------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------- Don't set yourself up by looking meek -- and by that I mean, letting your girlfriend call you an a**hole when you have some very ligitimate reasons for not moving in right away. It's a red flag as to how she would treat you once you did move in, and you did something else that she thought didn't meet her expectations. Now, if you are the type who can be manipulated, that's another story. And if that's the case, you'd better find the courage you need to make decisions that are sound, and based on your wants and desires, as well as the wants and needs of your girlfriend, or you will end up an unhappy man and in a parent/child type of relationship. Stand up to her, show her that you are the man you want to be, and if she throws a "hissy fit," it proves she wants a guy she can control and not an equal.