Dear Miss Emily: My boyfriend says that I am really hard to love considering that we never get to see each other because of school. I'm scared he'll stop loving me. He's kinda my first relationship. I love him and I want to stay with him. but, right now, it's kind of hard to. SOS SOS what do I do? -----------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------- Wow, is that a gulit trip he's trying to lay on you? If you are in school and you have demands that do not include him, I'm not sure what else you can do to accommodate him other than splitting yourself in two. You have to realize that you cannot feel totally responsible for his not being able to look at your situation and conclude that, although you love him, you are not going to be available 24/7. Don't play the role of the girl who needs to find a way to do the impossible to please a guy. At some time, I hope you will see that the best relationships and going to be with the type of guy who takes a rational appraoch to your life and not make unreasonable demands out of insecurity or a need to be in control. Maybe it's not the case here, but that's a little extra advice for the future. That said, if school makes it hard to be committed, have the courage to stand behind your convictions and let him go if he wants a full-time, on his terms, girlfriend.