Dear Miss Emily: Hi. My ex left me in Febuary, 3 months before our pending wedding and I'm still in love with him. He's the only person I want to be with, and I've tried dating but they don't compare to him. The reason he broke it off is because he has never dated anyone else and didn't want to get married without doing so first to make sure the thought didn't come back after being married for a few years. He says he still loves me, and we could still hook-up together but he has to do this for himself first. In a way I understand, and in a way I don't because if you love someone it shouldn't matter how many peope you've been with. I honestly believe he still loves me, but how do I get him to realize this is worth loosing me forever? it's been seven months and he hasn't even gone on a date. He's really shy and says he's going at him own pace. I'm just lost without him, and I'm so tired of being sad all the time. Please help. -------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------- You can't force someone to see things your way if, indeed, they adhere to a different perspective. He simply wasn't ready to get married because when you do marry, the "It's for life" expectation is shattered if things don't work out, and the emotional toll is devastating. Fifty-percent of marriages end in divorce, and his attitude toward marriage, right now, is a tenuous way to start out -- and you wouldn't want that. Get busy with others things in your life, and don't wait in suspended animation hoping he will make the next move. You don't have to date, but it would be wise to bolster your own security, both financially and emotionally, in order to create a stable future for YOU, with or without him. I know, you don't want to read this but, no doubt, others have said the same thing to you. You are holding out for being granted this one wish. It's not impossible to achieve, but you must be prepared if it doesn't happen.