Dear Miss Emily, I am a full time college student and so is my boyfriend. He is also a writer/director trying to put a big movie project together. We fell in love about six month ago and used to have so much fun together. I used to love to spend time with him. We used to just spend time together talking about nothing and laughing without a single disagreement. The semester ended and we kind of lived together for part of the summer, then he started to get more involved in his latest film project. It soon became a struggle to see each other without fighting. I'm a sensitive girl and, as the relationship continued, the more he started to use what I like to call "insult jokes." For example, last week he walked into the room and called me "bitch" in a weird tone. I of course didn't find this funny. When I get offended at these type of jokes he says I have no sense of humor or I'm too sensitive. When I do something he doesn't agree with he calls me stupid. I feel like he's always criticizing me or the things I'm into. I've tried to talk to him about this...but it normally ends up in an argument and nothing gets solved. I've almost broken up with him twice because of this type of blunt behavior, but stayed because I do love him or at least hope for what we had to come back. My question: Is, there a way to get back what we had and get him to realize this is not the right way to treat me or should I just call it quits and move on? ---------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------- I think the only way to hope for a change in this matter is to not tolerate it at all. Complaining doesn't do the trick because, as long as you stay, he has no incentive to fix his disrespectful behavior. He seems to be in love with himself, right now. He's got lofty goals and you are not the center of his world. Okay, that's fine, but his way is to insult you, throw his weight around and expect you to buy into "it's your fault if you don't have a sense of humor" excuse. That's absurd, and you know it. Refuse to be treated poorly, and you will gain respect. Tell him it's over. Walk away with a no-nonsense approach, and see if he notices. If he doesn't, he wanted to let you go without getting his hands dirty, so to speak. Let me know the outcome.