Dear Miss Emily: I've been dating my gf for 4 months and I'm really into her. She has a daughter 3 yrs old and I've been very supportive of her in many, many aspects of her life right now. I've found out that if for any reason she lies or does anything to me, if i confront her she gets really really upset and aggravated. Just as an example, the other day i went to pick her up from work. She had me waiting for about an hour, just to find out later that she had been talking to her ex.....why couldn't she tell me??? And when I asked her, she denied it completely and then she said it was just a few minutes.....and other occasions just like that. She has been talking to her ex constantly, now, almost on a daily basis and has lowered the amount of contact with me. What should i do? ------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------- It seems obvious to me what you should do -- and that's inform her that you're not a fool (although you have played the role of one up to this point), and you will no longer be treated like one. This is the bottom line: Lying is coercive. Beside that, it shows weakness of character (and that's putting it mildly). But, because you now know you are the recipient of this manipulation, allowing it to continue will show your weakness of character. If, in your life, you don't seek out quality individuals, you will attract the users and abusers. An old story, but a sad one.