Dear Miss Emily: My wife and I have been married for 3 years now, and ever since the day we said "I do", she has had a long going Internet relationship with her ex. I don't really mind if they speak, occassionally, but to sit for hours discussing how he is in love with her, and to catch her crying late at night, really bothers me. Just recently he told her he got married, now she is depressed and comparing our relationship to his "happy life." I don't know what to do, or how to handle this. Any advice would be greatly appreciate. -----------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------------------- I can certainly understand why you feel like you're in an emotional three-way. All that you have said in your e-mail is extremely troubling. Your wife may have an honest streak by letting you in on these developments, but it's making you look like an older brother who's a good listener and trusted confidante. Tell her it has to end, and if she's not capable of understanding that her devotion to this man is not acceptable because you are her husband, either seek the advice of a Marriage and Family counselor, or leave the marriage. It feels like a knife in the gut, but staying in a marriage that makes a mockery of the commitment that goes with it is insulting, at best, and you shouldn't accept her insensitivity and, obvious, lack of respect and love for you.