Dear Miss Emily:
Today is me and my gf's 7 months and, lately, I've been having anxiety related problems and maybe even OCD. I know I love her. I like everything about her.  She's my baby but I don't know how I'm feeling about our relationship. I feel anxious everytime I think about it and don't know if that means I don't love her anymore.

-------------Miss Emily's advice-----------
Open communication with her about your feelings is the best bet. You hurt yourself, as well as her if you continue to pretend all is fine when it isn't. Don't second guess your feelings -- or blame yourself if you aren't fully engaged in this relationship. OCD is a term that is often wrongly used when someone feels guilty about a given situation and obsesses over it.  Don't label yourself, just be honest about your feelings and follow that inner-voice.  It seldom fails us.  Sure she's a great person, and you love her, but that doesn't mean your obigation to her extends to lying about your feelings and leading her on. If you do, it's a sign of weakness, and the label of OCD is a cover for your true feelings.