Dear Miss Emily:

I'm in a relationship.  I have been with him for about a year, now, and we have sex about every 3 weeks, which is not enough for me.  I've tried talking to him about it, and he just gets mad at me.  I love him, but I'm afraid that if someone comes along and gives me the attention I need, I will be tempted.  How do I make him see how important this is to me.  I feel as if he's not sexually attracted to me.

------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

Sex can become routine and boring if both parties don't put the effort in to keeping if fresh. That means taking time to create a different atmosphere, and/or taking quality time to enjoy each other. Relationships are often taken for granted, do not build, but rather erode. Take a serious look at what you have together and, if you think it's worth the effort, make one last appeal to him. If he decides to opt out of trying to meet you half-way -- opt out of the relationship. There's no point in letting him take a hit at your self-esteem if he's the one with the problem.