Dear Miss Emily:

I get the feeling my husband does not want to be around me. We have only been married 6 months and it is just getting worse. He will see me watching tv and go to a different room to watch the same thing. The only time he seems really excited is when he is going to do things with his friends. When it comes to me, he is just blah all the time. Even his phone gets more attention then I do. He is never without it. Half the time it has to be out next to him not even in his pocket. I have told him that I do not mind him going out with his friends, I just want him to pay attention to me when he is home. I thought he understood, but it only last about a week then it is back to the same thing. Not sure what else to do.

-------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Tell me a little more about your situation in a separate e-mail.  Your age, etc.  Are you employed?  You do have a problem, I grant you that. You need to sit down with him and, in a rational, non-judgmental voice, tell him that the status of your relationship has taken a major downturn and you are worried, and concerned that if you don't work at it, together, the marriage will be in serious trouble. Newlyweds do have issues to iron out, and that usually happens in the first year.  That said, he doesn't need to hang out with his phone and friends to the point of excluding you.  If he continues, without much change, get to the bottom of why his friends and his phone take higher status than you.  How you do this will take some clever thinking on your part.  He might be adjusting to marriage, or you have unfortunately found out he's a self-centered man (boy) who needs to grow up.  Marriage counseling would be a natural choice if you want to avoid some serious hurt feelings down the road.