Dear Miss Emily:

My boyfriend of 5 months just left for North Carolina to visit his mom for a week. He left last night, and before the plane took off he sent me a text message.  I replied a few hours later, and I expected him to let me know when his plane landed or something, but he never texted me back last night. It's been an entire day now, and he still hasn't gotten back to me.  I'm pretty sure that he got there all right, but I texted him just to make sure that he arrived safely. I didn't want to sound clingy, but I figured it's justifiable to make sure that he's okay. Well, he still hasn't gotten back to me. It's only been one full day since he left. I'm willing to give it one more day, but I'm just wondering why he wouldn't contact me. Maybe he's just busy spending time w/ family, but I'm just feeling that he's being inconsiderate by not letting me know that he's fine. A simple text or something would be appreciated.  Either way, I am definitely not calling him. I'm going to wait for him to contact me... So you think his actions seem inconsiderate? How many days should I give him before I should start getting worried?

---------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

I've been in situations like this -- you get to your destination and, then, everything changes around you -- the dynamics and, in this case, his mother.  Yes, it is inconsiderate for not letting you know he was okay, but I think he'll tell you he just got caught up with Mom.  It you are close, he should understand if you tell him "Next time, please let me know.  I got concerned when I didn't hear back."  If it persists (he does it again) then you can be worried.  Not for his safety, obviously, but for his lack of commitment to you and concern for your feelings.