Dear Miss Emily:

Hi, I am really falling for this guy and we've dated some and he does seem interested in me. However, I found out (not through him) that he's also dating another girl. Now I know this is totally fine since he's single and not married and is allowed to date around, but how do I go about getting him to want only me? And how do I ask him about the other girl without looking like a jealous psycho-stalker? I really like him and he even mentioned how we'd be close to each other when we go back to University.

----------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

I don't think there's any foolproof way to get him to like only you, but I understand your desire to want to believe there is.  Basically, you just have to be patient, be the wonderful, honest, caring person you are and hope he realizes that those are the qualities in a woman he wants above all others.  I am a firm believer in getting what you want by taking the pressure off yourself and letting things flow without the drama that can come from thinking you need to win at all costs. It's amazing how attractive a woman can be when she shows self-confidence and independence. I don't think there's any cool way to ask him if he's dating anyone else and, at this stage, I wouldn't tip my hand. Let it go, and see what happens when school starts. I wish you all the best.