Dear Miss Emily:

My fiance and I (he just proposed 2 weeks ago) had a fight last night.  I am aware he doesn't like my family but, last night, he said my father is a two-faced liar, he doesn't really like my family, and it's not in his "personality" to work on a relationship.  My dad, my fiance, and myself were working on a little business venture similar to Avon and my fiance thinks my dad wants us to pay $6,000 to be a part of the venture.  I know this is not true, as I have been involved and money was never something my dad wanted from us.  He has been living with me for 4 months and has just now gotten a job.  Should I get rid of him?

-----------------Miss Emily's advice---------------

Those were harsh words!  It's a red flag when a fiance (cee) doesn't like the family; especially (and I'm not saying this is the story, here) when the other party thinks his/her parents' walk on water.  This business scenario was a recipe for trouble, knowing what you knew ahead of time, but hindsight is 20/20.  Multi-marketing ventures, to be successful, require major devotion, long hours and, usually, upfront cash for inventory.  It's great that your dad is footing the bill for the seed money, but either your fiance is being a jerk, or you can't be objective.  In an argument, bitter accusations can be made and feelings are often brought to the extreme.  Your fiance doesn't have to love your parents, but he should make every attempt to be respectful.  You love your parents, but this should not supersede your commitment to your husband.  I would sit down and attempt to hash-out your feelings without fighting, and agree to see a couples counselor if you cannot come to a conclusion on how to handle this situation -- and any future entanglements.  If this man's proposal was worth the acceptance (and I assume it was out of true love, and not some misguided dream of a bridal magazine wedding), it's worth looking for a solution before you send him packing.