Dear Miss Emily:

Hi, this question is to satisfy a debate of fault. I am 42 and my boyfriend is 52. My boyfriend, without my knowledge, took his pill to have an erection.  He then came to me and told me he just took his pill so we could have sex. I asked him to wait since I was at the end of a movie I was watching and he agreed.  In the process, he fell asleep.  He blames me that he took a pill to have sex and sex never happened.  He says I should pay for his prescription since I made him waste his pill.  I feel that he should have included me in this decision to take a pill at that moment instead of springing it on me like it's my obligation to satisfy him when he feels like it without any regards to what I am doing at the time.  We also had made plans to take a day trip and he decided we weren't going because he blames me and is mad and won't speak to me.   I would appreciate your opinion on this issue.  Thank you.

-------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

Viagra, and pills of this nature, have put women in really awkward positions.  The ads always make everyone look so willing -- at any time of day or night.  It's pathetic. Consider the seventy year-old woman who thought sex was over for her, and she was happy about it.  Now, the husband is popping Viagra, and she's being chased around the dining table, scared to death!  Poor thing.  Yes, he should have informed you of his intention to have sex, and he is wrong to blame you for not complying.  He's acting incredibly childish.  Poor baby, Mommy let him down.  His behavior was punitive. Tell him to get over it.  If he doesn't, rethink this relationship.