Dear Miss Emily:

My longtime girlfriend, and mother of my 2 children, told me a few days ago that she cheated on me 5 years ago with her childhood love. The wedding is in 2 months. She says she couldn't marry me without telling me. It came at a time when we were in a bad place. She tells me that she didn't like me at the time, didn't see a future, and felt trapped. I do remember that time period and she was very unhappy. We have since grown so close and bought a home together and are about to get married. She assures me that she had given up on us at that point and is in a very different place now. That is certainly true. We have never been closer and more in love. I guess my question is, Is that old saying "once a cheater" always the case? Thank You.

-----------------Miss Emily's advice----------------

No.  If that were the case, there would be many more crimes of passion, and the population would thin considerably.  I think she proved her integrity by telling you this prior to the marriage, because it has troubled her for a long time and her sweet heart needed to unload.  Because of the exceptional relationship you have, now, honesty and trust is something I think you can pretty much take to the bank.  Now go have a great wedding, and a wonderful, happy life together.