Dear Miss Emily:

About a year a ago I went to Brazil to take part in a Portuguese language program at a language school. It is one of those schools where people of all ages come from many countries to study for a week to months. I spent about two months there. A lot of people had traveled with a friend or a spouse to this school. While I was there I soon met another single traveler there from Italy who had been studying there for a month before I came. We hit it off and soon she was showing me some of the ropes.  I am 25 and later I learned that she was 36. Perhaps due to the fact that we were some of the few single travelers we stared hanging out after classes. We were placed in different home stays but we would practice our Portuguese language skill together in the evenings. Her skills were better than mine. During the afternoons we would eat at local cafes and explore the sights together. We enjoyed spending time together and had fun. We made day trips together on the weekends. I have to say that she was quite cute and I enjoyed her Italian way. Three weeks into my visit eight-week visit and in her last week we became closer. On a Sunday evening (before starting classes again on Monday) she said that she wanted to quiz me on my Portuguese language vocabulary. She would ask me a question and if I answered it correctly she would kiss me. The harder the question the more passionate the kiss. This continued until the following Friday with us ending up make out (fully clothed). We had to be careful as we did not want to disturb the host family.  On Friday she said that she was going to fly back to Italy and Sunday but was leaving from another city. She said she was going to leave for the other city on Saturday. She invited me to join her. We made plans for me to go to the other city and return on Sunday (to be back in time for Monday classes) while she flew home. On Saturday morning we left for the other city and had a great day. That night we ended up having sex. I enjoyed being with her. On Sunday we exchanged addresses and we each invited the other to visit. She flew home and I returned to the town that the school was in for another month of study.  At the language school we were in different classes. All classes were small with no more than three other students. My Brazilian language teacher was very attractive to me.  She was 35. While the other students in my class would ask questions about the food and Brazil I would ask questions about her. A few days later I asked her out to lunch after class. We had a great time and I learned that she was single. The rest of the afternoons were spend exploring the area with her and practicing my Portuguese in the evenings. On the last night that I was going to be at the school before flying home there was a traditional dance and dinner. Many of the other students and teachers from the school were going and had a partner. I asked her, my Brazilian language teacher, if she wanted to go with me, and she said yes. On that evening we had a wonderful dinner and a fun time dancing. I enjoy the many close dances that we did. She looked really beautiful and she was truly a knockout. I also enjoyed the views of her cleavage that I received. The evening ended with some very passionate kissing and the exchanging of e-mail addresses. Since I have returned from Brazil I have exchanged e-mails with my Brazilian language teacher. Also, the Italian woman came for a visit. We had a fun time and ended up having sex again on her last night. The next morning before she left to fly home she asked me if I wanted a relationship and I said no. I did say that I wanted to remain friends. I don’t know what she thinks of me for that. She also said that she wants to meet in Brazil again. I did not tell her that I am planning on going in a few months. I don’t want to meet her there as I rather concentrate on my Brazilian language teacher. Should I tell the Italian woman? I will be going to the same language school in Brazil and I have signed up for private lessons and have requested my former teacher. I have been dreaming of her for a while now and I have a thing for Brazilian women and  in particular her.  Here is where I could use your advice. I would like to ignite my passion with her when I am in Brazil, again. How would you suggest I go about doing this? How should I let her know that I am interested in her and would like to have sex with her before leaving Brazil on this visit?  I hope I get a chance to have sex with her. Could you also give me advice on making sure our sex is sexy, fun, and playful? What are some general things that would make it such?  Thank you in advance for your reply.

---------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------

Wow!  In sad economical times around the world, you have found a little piece of heaven, and you would be the envy of many -- myself included.  I am happy for you.  I see no reason not to be honest with your Italian friend, because you were honest enough about not wanting a relationship and she will survive the truth.  If she accepts the fact that you have this other tentative relationship, you may still be able to maintain a "friends with benefits" relationship.  But make no mistake, you can't be sure that your Brazilian teacher will feel the same when you return (I hope she does) but, like you, someone else might have moved in to take your place.  In situations like this, lovers come and go -- so it's really an unknown at this time.  But you have set your sights on this happening and, if expectation meets reality, nature will take its course.  Women like men who are self-assured, but not egotistical.  Let her know you want to spend time with her, be consistent, but not too aggressive.  Locate the perfect place to dine, where there is dancing.  Be attentive by being a good listener.  Make sure you have a place to go -- a nice hotel -- maybe a weekend getaway a few miles from the school, and invite her to join you.  All of this is possible if you have the instincts to accurately read her words and gestures. A great lover often gives more than he takes.  A smart man knows when to quit.